Thankfully, I'm one of those people who save everything. I bought my first LooPo in 1995. Unfortunately, when we sold our car a few years ago, we forgot to remove the LooPo! I couldn't remember where I bought my LooPo, or even the name of it, so I tried other products, but was never satisfied with their performance. I recently took a trip with a friend whom I had alerted to your product after I originally bought mine, and he still had them in use. It got me to thinking that maybe I should look in my "household purchases" file to see if I had kept my receipt for my first LooPo purchase. Vola! There it was. I looked you up on the Internet, and there you were! I've ordered six sets; enough for our vehicles, for gifts, and to carry in my purse when I ride with someone else who doesn't have a LooPo. I love these gadgets! I do a lot of traveling, and seat belt tension is both annoying and uncomfortable. Thank you for continuing to manufacture and market this wonderful product!

Vicki L. Walker
Oregon State Senator

I am 4'8 tall and have yet to find a car that has a seat belt that can be adjusted properly for  me. All of the original equipment seat belts cut across my neck during normal driving. This is not only irritating but I feel is is dangerous. Therefore, for many years I have used LooPo's Seat Belt Adjuster while driving. Until I found this product I routinely put the shoulder belt behind me, since this was the only arrangement that kept it from cutting into my neck. When the seat belt adjuster and the lap belt are properly adjusted, the seat belt no longer cuts across my neck and neither is excessively loose. I always felt that this arrangement would be much safer in the event of an accident. I did try some other products on the market .

Although they claimed to keep the seat belt away from my neck, they failed to do so. This was the only product that did what it claimed to do for my height.

I was recently involved in an automobile accident and was able to determine the effectiveness of this product. Although there was extensive damage to both cars, I received only minor injuries. The worst bruise I sustained was from the seat belt tightening across my chest, which is exactly what it is suppose to do. No injuries were attributed to the LooPo Seat Belt Adjuster. My head and body did not did not move forward and I did not hit the steering wheel. It also did not affect the performance of the lap belt, which worked the way it was intended to work. I truly believe that the LooPo Seat Belt Adjuster was responsible for protecting me from serious injury.

I realize that my height is unusual and presents certain problems not found in the general population. However, many older children are the same height I am. There must be some method to protect us, in spite of our height. I would not hesitate to recommend the seat belt adjusters to any parent who finds that their child is in the same situation that I am.

It is my understanding that questions regarding the safety issues of this product have been raised. I think any product, including the manufacturer's seat belts, is dependent on its proper use. When used according to instructions, the LooPo Seat Belt Adjuster is safe and protected me from serious injury. If the lap portion of the seat belt is not properly adjusted, the shoulder part is too loose and the seat belt adjuster cannot fix that. It is important that both the lap belt and the seat belt adjuster are properly adjusted, as stated in the instructions. I have not found that the lap belt rides up on my pelvis. For me, any arguments regarding the safety of this product have been dispelled.

I thought a real life example might be helpful when this product is again evaluated.

I am impressed enough with the performance of this product that I plan to order 3 more sets when I have the money to do so, my family has other short adults in it, too.

Vicki B. Brown

Manchester, PA

I'm a polio survivor ,and your product is the only thing I've found so far that is easy to use, and just stays on the seat belt all the time. There are a lot of us that can't stand the pressure of a vehicle's shoulder belt.


I've been using your product it seems for at least 15 years or longer and keep at least a dozen or so around. Usually lose a few during the year when traveling by leaving them behind in rental cars, etc.

I have placed orders through various catalogs but thought this time I would try just looking you up direct on the internet and bingo--here you are! I have turned a lot of people onto your product over years. No other seat belt adjuster holds a candle to yours. You are the one and only! Without your product, I would have lost my mind or have given up on ever wearing a seat belt. Those of us with no neck need your product. And, your product is the only one that actually keeps the seat belt from recoiling back when moving around your seat. Plus, it actually keeps it off of your neck and away from your face.

God Bless my LooPo !! You have no idea how happy you make me each day I drive.

Marsha Gibson

Ventura, California

I don't even remember who gave me my LooPo, but I am thrilled with it. I used to be frustrated with the seat belt restraining my movements and wrinkling my clothes. My seat belt always felt so tight. I just ordered 2 more so I can have one in each car, and one in my purse to use when I ride with friends.

Kathy Seger
Concord, NH


Give yourself some slack. If seat belts are comfortable, more motorists will buckle-up. Accident injuries will decline and fewer drivers will be cited for violating the ordinance. For belt less drivers, the maximum loss is $4 [per LooPo®]; the maximum gain could be... well, what’s a life worth.

Jim Jordan, Business Editor
Lexington Herald -Leader
Lexington, Kentucky

“ If those car shoulder belts are a bit out of place for your body-build, there is a new device on the market that should ease the problem and, therefore encourage you to ‘Buckle-Up.’ ... LooPo®, a small extruded device, slides onto an existing seat belt and permits the driver to create the slack necessary to establish his/her personal comfort without interfering with the belt’s safety function.”

Charles F. McGurk
Courier Times
Richboro, Pennsylvania

“ I ordered one of your LooPo®’s and it really is great... I would also like a few orders forms as all my friends are looking to buy one.”

New Port Richie, Florida

“ Thank you [for sending me LooPo®. The one I have works great.”

Rock, New Jersey

“ We are pleased with LooPo and I would like you to send us two more.”

Findlay, Ohio